We believe accurate answers don’t lie simply in formulas. They are achieved through a combination of human intelligence, an understanding of consumer behaviour, and up-to-the-minute knowledge of market conditions.

Human Intelligence

Unlike traditional off-the-shelf software, CMS Analytics is a team of mathematicians, data scientists and consultants that work with financial institutions and retailers to optimise cash supply chains and solve related business challenges. All of our mathematical models are developed, maintained and continuously optimised by our team through a strong understanding of mathematics and data, which increases accuracy and ease for our clients.

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Our Cash Philosophy… More Than Just Forecasting

Our main service offering is CMS’ industry-leading cash optimisation. Too often, too much emphasis is placed on the forecasting element of cash management. Forecasting is the most simple and least beneficial area of total cash optimisation. Therefore CMS Analytics’ approach to optimisation looks at the whole problem: in cash’s case, the entire supply chain. This achieves industry-leading results across both cost savings and efficiency metrics.

Taking Mathematics Further

We have a varied client base and love to apply our mathematics and data-driven solutions to new problems in a range of business environments. From margin and pricing analysis, together with online demand forecasting, to tailored maths and data science projects for specific business challenges – we can apply our skill set and make a material difference.