Audits and Benchmarking

It is often difficult to understand how your operations, processes and costs compare to both the market and best practice. CMS Analytics’ external expertise enables financial institutions to benchmark their existing practices, highlight where efficiencies can be achieved, suggest alternatives, and locate opportunities to realise savings.

Selecting Your Peer Group

When benchmarking cash operations, traditional logic dictates comparing your institution to organisations with a similar number of branch and sites. However, this often leads to a false result. Instead, your sample group should consist of global peers with similar supply chain structures, providing a more accurate like-for-like view and establishing a cost and operational baseline.

Benchmarking Against Best Practice

CMS Analytics’ extensive knowledge of cash operations and the supply chain worldwide allows us to have a clear understanding of what truly is best practice. Using a global peer group and understanding the constraints and flexibility of your supply chain, enables the potential for more fundamental improvements rather than smaller step changes. Different supply chain structures and organisational constraints need to be accounted for.

Quick Wins And Strategic Change

The CMS Analytics audit will tailor the outcomes to your organisation. We offer recommendations on how efficiencies and cost improvements can be achieved. These involve a series of ‘quick wins’ as well as the creation of a critical path for fundamental strategic change and alignment to best practice.