Automation and AI

The CMS team is comprised of mathematicians, data scientists, and system developers. This gives us the ability to analyse current operational practices and propose improved, automated, intelligent solutions.

Process Automation

CMS assists organizations in identifying which processes can be automated and then how to achieve automation. The process begins with our consultants mapping out process chains and establishing the input, output, and resource required at each step. They then work with the data science and development teams to establish options for automation through technology or improved procedure.

Artificial Intelligence

CMS’ understanding of simulation and modelling techniques provide the foundation of our AI solutions. We identify organisational processes that can be improved or replaced through the use of AI.

Comprehensive Cost-Benefit Analysis

Whether adopting a CMS end-to-end recommended solution or using CMS to assist in implementing an externally recommended solution, we undertake a thorough cost-benefit analysis to define the expectations you want to achieve. We factor in all elements of process flows and the resource that goes into each, focussing on the outcome that is intended to be achieved.

Results-Driven, Tailored Solutions

All CMS solutions are built from the ground up, tailored to your unique requirements and infrastructure. Through this philosophy, CMS produce the exact solution to fulfil your requirements leading to improved results, future-proofed against changing business strategy and a reduction in the effort required for client implementation.