Big Data Modelling

Big Data is now big business but what does it actually mean to your company? The growth in computing, or more importantly computing power, has borne a world where businesses have more data, more measures and more metrics than ever before. By extracting value from this data operationally and strategically, companies can gain a competitive advantage.


Compared to other big data organisations, CMS’ unique approach utilises our mathematical skill set. When dealing with datasets, we go several steps further than just organising, analysing and formatting data. Our team of mathematicians and data scientists work together to use modelling and simulation techniques to extract greater value.

Gaining Insight

The challenge most businesses have with extracting value from data is that they simply have too much of it. With so much data generated it’s hard to know what datasets and fields present the most opportunity. CMS’ expertise allows us to organise, analyse and format data, to understand the key drivers of your business.


Once the data analysis is complete and findings have been presented, CMS can assist in the implementation of new strategies. We have significant expertise in accurate implementation through desktop pilots and live pilots, enabling us to create an optimal deployment, ensuring success.