CMS:Cash – Cash Ordering

CMS:Cash is an online cash ordering and CIT management tool specifically designed to bring control and efficiency to merchant cash operations.

Supported by our in-house mathematicians and data analysts, CMS:Cash offers tailored change order recommendations to every site, managing cash holdings on an order-by-order basis to eliminate excess and optimise holdings.


A standard online ordering process for all sites simplifies staff training and keeps ordering efficient. This efficient online process eliminates the complex, disliked, and time-consuming telephone calls.

Management Information

A management Information suite provides reporting and visibility of all key activities and metrics for your needs, including orders, cash holdings and site activity. Improved reporting and visibility can allow for more informed decision making.


Event calendars and head office messaging enables operational information to whoever needs it. Clear visibility of orders placed offers control and efficiency of cash holdings.

Compliance and Control

CMS:Cash ensures your business is ordering correctly with validation for delivery dates, order amounts, maximum orders, and denomination multiples, avoiding invalid orders or excess charges. This, combined with clear Management Information can avoid unapproved practise, missed orders, and it can minimise emergency orders.

Getting You Online

For details on how to get you and your current suppliers online please contact Lee Williamson at