CMS:Cash – CIT Monitoring

CMS:Cash is an online cash ordering and CIT management tool specifically designed to bring control and efficiency to merchant cash operations.

CMS:Cash is the online solution to effective CIT monitoring and improved supplier service levels. Our service saves time at sites and head office, tracking supplier performance, recovering fees and simplifying invoice reconciliation. No matter the number of sites, suppliers, or territories operated in, CMS:Cash solves any CIT monitoring challenge with one online solution.

Online Management

Simple, effective and powerful tool in one central location for the capturing, reporting, monitoring, and validation of CIT services.


CMS:Cash ensures you have the data evidence to use against missed or failed CIT services. Autogenerated claim reports will validate claims to ensure the optimisation of compensation for any service failings.


CIT failures can be recorded directly by the site, including progress updates, resolutions, and the party at fault for raising credits. A range of Management Information and reports can provide head office with full visibility of single or multiple suppliers across large complex retail chains.

Improved Service Levels

CMS:Cash allows you to track how issues translate into the performance of the CIT provider against the SLA. Our depot-by-depot and site-by-site basis can maximise the improvements you can make by targeting key areas.

Getting You Online

For details on how to get you and your current suppliers please contact Lee Williamson at