CMS’ ability to act as a trusted and independent advisor for retail travel money clients has led to our MarketView service for monthly market performance reports. By combining data submitted by the MarketView participants with CMS industry knowledge and research, we provide participants with an accurate extrapolation of their market share and other KPIs.

Market Share

Market share is arguably the most important KPI for organizations, many aim to increase its value, yet very few can measure such a vital statistic. By receiving detailed monthly market reports, the effects of operational changes and price movements on market share can easily be measured.

You vs. the Market

CMS MarketView removes the unknowns by comparing your actual performance against those of your peers and the wider market, enabling you to judge and evaluate business performance accurately and with confidence.


Your data will never be presented to other participants as an individual organisation; it will always be merged with other participants to form aggregate market figures. CMS operates with the strictest confidentiality, and it is for this reason that our industry peers have enabled us to carry out this service.