Pricing Consultancy

Setting the right price is even more important in an industry with a commoditised or homogenous product. With limited product differentiation, industries tend to become highly price competitive. What CMS Analytics offers over and above other consultancy firms is advanced data analytics, allowing for the quantitative evaluation of pricing strategies.

Micro Market

CMS uses a combination of economic and mathematical tools to analyse both operator and market variables that influence demand. This is done through complex numerical mapping techniques and machine learning. Once the variables inside a micro market have been identified, they can be modelled to establish their impact on the optimal price.

Perpetual Analysis and Machine Learning

Optimising a pricing strategy is only the start. Maintaining optimised pricing requires continuous analysis of the market variables. The market can change in an instant and as a result, so can the optimal price position. This is especially true in the travel money industry, where the underlying value of currency is in a continuous state of volatility. CMS Analytics’ machine learning techniques are perfectly suited to developing a dynamic pricing model.

Working in Tandem

CMS Analytics understands that each organisation has their own individual pricing stance. Whether you offer a national pricing strategy, loyalty card rates, in-store discounting or store-specific pricing, we can ensure price optimisation that complements your business’ pricing policy.