Armored Transport Optimization

CMS Analytics’ unique approach to armored transport optimization ensures you obtain the best pricing and service from your armored transport providers.

Creating Your Optimal Schedule

Experience has taught us that one of the greatest drivers of optimized armored transport is related to the scheduling model utilized. By modeling individual site cash demand – withdrawals and demand – against your current replenishment schedule, we can evaluate your current situation and costings. We then produce an optimal schedule, taking into account all the factors that affect your armored transport servicing requirements.

Find out more about our scheduling here.

Ensuring You Receive the Best Pricing

The armored transport industry is both capital and labor intensive. The unique requirements of a store, branch, or ATM network impact these two economic drivers differently and have a discernible effect on pricing and service. Arriving at the price each visit should cost therefore requires complex analysis.

CMS Analytics’ unprecedented knowledge of these underlying variables enables us to simulate your network’s requirements and use this to negotiate the best rates with your provider.

Maximizing Your Service Levels

CMS Analytics works collaboratively with clients and their armored transport providers to deliver ways to maximize service levels across cash networks. Through intense mathematical analysis, we seek to capitalize on specific supplier strengths and find ways to mitigate weaknesses. We also assist with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure that actions have appropriate consequences.