Financial Institutions

The volumes of cash demanded from financial institution branches and ATMs drives a significant proportion of the circulation of cash through the economy. Across such volumes, intelligently managing and optimizing cash on a site by site basis presents three opportunities: a dramatic reduction in risk; a streamlined operational approach for head-office and branch staff; and significant cost reductions.

Availability: Never Compromised

As a financial institution, customer service is the number one priority and in the world of cash, this means your customers always having access to their funds. CMS Analytics’ solutions never compromise availability. Our current clients operate on availability metrics of 100% for branches and 99.8% for ATMs.

Your Entire Supply Chain…Optimized

Too often, too much emphasis is placed on the forecasting element of cash management. CMS Analytics’ mathematical approach to cash management takes an independent view of your network’s opportunities and constraints. By modeling your entire cash supply chain and using advanced simulation techniques, CMS Analytics achieves industry leading cost and efficiency benefits.

Use Our Team; Not Software

CMS Analytics’ solution is not software based. We don’t sell you licenses and then leave you to it. We are an outsourced solution with a team of mathematicians and data scientists who undertake the optimization on a daily basis. This puts less pressure on your internal resources while providing a specialized cash team on-hand 24 hours a day.

A Streamlined Process and Intensive MI

As each solution is tailored from the ground up, we can build the daily process around your business. This helps reduce staff administration time allowing them to focus on customer service or other critical tasks. You will also receive complete visibility of the cash in your network through online systems and timely reporting.