CMS’ unique armored transport scheduling service works to optimize your cash supply chain. Our innovative approach combines scientific analysis and simulations for an optimal solution on a site-by-site basis, delivering cost savings and efficiency gains.

Scheduling Modeled to Your Network

By modeling individual site cash withdrawals (and, if appropriate, deposits) against your current replenishment schedule on a daily basis, we evaluate your current situation and costs using our purpose-built analytical tools. We then produce an optimal schedule taking into account all the factors that affect your cash delivery requirements.

Simulating all the Possibilities

We analyze over 16,000 scheduling options across a 14-day period to implement an optimal replenishment solution for each individual site in your network, factoring in cash-flow, cost, risk, and operational requirements.

Ensuring the Best Price

24 years’ experience in negotiating, managing and monitoring major contracts for hundreds of corporations around the world gives CMS unprecedented knowledge of the underlying economic cost drivers. Using state-of-the-art simulation techniques, our benchmarking software can assess your business requirements against cost structures and arrive at optimized prices. These powerful outputs can then be used to negotiate the best rates with your service provider.

Ensuring the Best Service

During periods of strain, fixed costs mean cash in transit providers are often unable to increase capacity. The provider may prioritize some clients over others meaning your schedules will be competing for a share of a limited service. CMS works collaboratively with clients and their cash in transit providers to ensure the best quality service. We seek to capitalize on specific supplier strengths and find ways to mitigate weaknesses.