Tailored Consultancy

CMS’ team is comprised of mathematicians, data scientists, economists and statisticians. This gives us a unique edge against many traditional consultancies. We can adapt these skillsets to a wide range of client problems.

Intensive Data Analysis

It is incredibly easy for the modern organization to generate hundreds of thousands of data points daily and not know how to extract the most value from them. CMS tailors consultancy projects around this data, from pattern and trend analysis to generating Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards.


CMS has wide-ranging experience in the automation and optimization of front and back office processes which we can apply to the unique operations of an organization. We analyze current processes and develop improvement recommendations based on cost savings and streamlined efficiencies.

Modelling and Simulation

We bring a unique skillset to our client’s challenges. From our core mathematical foundation, we use the latest modeling and simulation techniques to identify all viable solutions to specified problems. We then use intensive simulation to stress-test these solutions, finding the optimal result for your organization.