Libra is created by cash specialists to bring harmony to your ATM and cash reconciliation operations.

Cash & ATM reconciliation is an arduous process carrying significant potential risk and cost for financial institutions. Historically, it has meant juggling multiple systems and burdening teams with heavy, manual workloads, leading to operational inefficiencies, inaccuracies and wrestling with generalised software unfit for purpose.

However, Libra has rebalanced the scales. Libra is a powerful reconciliation tool created by our expert team specifically for the intricacies of cash and ATM reconciliation. With an advanced auto-reconciliation engine automating up to 95% of transactions and complete tailored workflow management, Libra is designed to streamline cash processes, increase accuracy, and save costs.

CMS Analytics - The cash management experts
CMS Analytics - The cash management experts
CMS Analytics - The cash management experts
CMS Analytics - The cash management experts

Tailored To Your Workflow

Libra can be tailored to the exact needs of your organisation. With tailored workflow management, Libra delivers complete control and oversight of all teams and members within your reconciliation operation. Whether multiple levels of approval are needed to process charge-offs or only certain individuals can undertake transfers, Libra can be customised to be compliant with the operational requirements of any financial institution.

Accounts can be assigned to specific team members, delivering detailed audit trails and analysis of charge-offs, transfers, approvals, CIT claims, bank holidays, days-off and more. Dashboards can be customised to access detailed insights and analysis, as well as Libra providing the ability to automate the logging and escalation of carrier claims.

Specific To Cash

While cash & ATM reconciliation has historically been a largely manual process, with generalised reconciliation software used to fill in some gaps, Libra is designed specifically for cash & ATM reconciliation and the associated complexities.

With configurable and expandable rules to satisfy high levels of reconciliation, Libra automates and streamlines processes specific to the cash supply chain for ease of use, including high levels of debit and credit matching, and vendor and vault reconciliation – all from within a single platform.

CMS Analytics - The cash management experts
CMS Analytics - The cash management experts

Keeping Compliant

Libra’s powerful automation engine reduces unmanageable backlogs, helping control aging transactions and ensuring your organisation remains compliant with regulators. The automation engine can also help produce a 25% reduction in charge-off spend, helping to keep budgets in-line. Libra is the secure, fast, and convenient solution for financial institutions.

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