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We are CMS Analytics - our mission is to help financial institutions, merchants and FX operators around the globe streamline their cash operations and reduce the cost of cash.

Libra is a powerful reconciliation tool tailored to the intricacies of cash. With an auto-reconciliation engine automating up to 95% of transactions and tailored workflow management, Libra will bring harmony to your cash reconciliation.

CMS Analytics - The cash management experts

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CMS Analytics - The cash management experts

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Who We Are

CMS Analytics is an employee-owned business which has been optimizing cash for over 30 years, with our solutions currently used in more than 30 countries worldwide.

We believe that accurate answers don’t simply lie in formulas. They are achieved through a combination of human intelligence, advanced modelling and thorough understanding of consumer behavior and the cash ecosystem.

CMS Analytics, Cash Management Experts

What We Do

With our team of data scientists and expertly tailored software, we provide our clients with solutions to optimally manage their cash operations according to their needs and requirements. Whether cash forecasting, cash reconciliation or one-off projects, our solutions deliver powerful efficiencies, make significant cost-savings and provide control and visibility.

Trusted by


With over 30 years of experience in global cash management, we are trusted to deliver end-to-end, innovative solutions and consultancy for a range of organizations:


CMS Analytics provides both forecasting and reconciliation solutions for banks which, together, form a holistic cash optimization platform for today’s banking challenges. These solutions, along with CMS Analytics' tailored consultancy projects, can help banks to achieve their goals, be these financial, operational or based on improving customer experience.

Credit Unions

As unique, member-owned financial institutions, the cash operations challenges faced by credit unions can be complex. CMS Analytics' solutions help to ease these challenges and minimize the operational burden of cash operations given a credit union’s scale.

ATM Operators

The efficiency of your ATM network is paramount and is ultimately the determining factor of its profitability. CMS Analytics provides forecasting, reconciliation and operational solutions to ATM operators that are considerate of the macro-landscape, varying demand drivers and operational challenges.

Retail FX Operators

CMS Analytics has extensive experience in working with retail FX operators around the world. Our forecasting solution can help improve profitability by both increasing sales and reducing costs, while our consultancy options are tailorable to the unique challenges your network faces.

Retailers & Merchants

With changing consumer payment behavior and the need for efficiencies by merchants, CMS Analytics understands that retail environments require tailored solutions for cash. CMS’ merchant solutions can help bring automation and streamline cash operations for cash ordering, deposit tracking and armored transport management.

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