Cash Forecasting

Our unique dynamic forecasting techniques, which combine a roster of algorithms and human intelligence, allow us to constantly adapt our strategy to your needs. 

CMS Analytics - The cash management experts
CMS Analytics - The cash management experts
CMS Analytics - The cash management experts
CMS Analytics - The cash management experts

Dynamic, data-driven cash forecasting

Cash forecasting is essential for ensuring customer availability while staying cost optimized. With a delicate balance to strike in the current high interest rate environment, your organization’s cash network and the service to your customers should be secured through independent experts. We don’t leave your teams with a piece of software to manage, and unlike cash forecasting provided by armored suppliers, there are no conflicts of interest.

As we are independent cash management specialists with over 30 years of global experience, our team of data science experts have developed a dynamic forecasting solution. Within this solution, a range of algorithms continuously iterate through a roster of different forecasting techniques, ensuring that any ATMs, branches, or vaults in your network have the optimal forecast at the right time.

Dynamic Intelligence

Our dynamic solution evolves using a combination of human and automated intelligence, meaning it continually adapts to changing customer demands across networks and we never have to turn it off, so your organization will always be prepared. Your branches and sites will always be stocked with the optimal amount of cash or currency according to the demand profile of each individual site – no matter how drastic the fluctuation in demand.

CMS Analytics - The cash management experts
CMS Analytics - The cash management experts

Keep in Control

While the CMS Analytics forecasting solution is outsourced, you remain in control. Your organization will gain access to a tailored web portal, customized for your organization’s needs, while our solution automates ATM orders. Your tailored portal gives you access to all your sites or branches and Corporate Office, and provides a suite of cash operations tasks, including branch cash ordering, armored transport tracking and analytics of cash across your network.

Our solution can impact cash optimization considerably. We typically reduce balances, increase availability, and reduce the costs of cash by 25%, providing a positive ROI.

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