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Below are some questions we often get asked:

How do you obtain the data?

Our system is flexible and can accept data in multiple format types/sources and calculate balances from those feeds.

Who places the actual orders?

We connect with your armored transport supplier and Vault/Federal Reserve/Bank, so once order amounts are finalized and approved, we will place them automatically with your suppliers. This is done to reduce administration time on your end, but if you prefer, you can still be in control of this process.

How many reports will I receive?

We have a comprehensive list of standard reports, and we can also create additional reports tailored to your requirements at no extra cost. These can be produced as frequently as you like – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports are all available.

What kind of support will be available?

Throughout the relationship, you will have an account manager who will look after the operation along with daily contact with a member of our dedicated analyst team. Customer support is available any time our customers are ordering and receiving deliveries, 24 hours a day.

How do you forecast cash balances/requirements?

We employ highly skilled analysts and mathematicians to build models for every site and ATM in your business. We factor in historic transaction data (minimum of three months) and other conditions that could impact demand, including local, national, and international events, along with promotional activity. We can discuss our forecasting methods in further detail with you face-to-face; however, we believe the key to our service offering is the ability to drive maximum value across the whole supply-chain, not just the forecasting element.

How do you reduce costs?

CMS Analytics are experts in cash behavior with over 23 years’ experience managing the cash cycle for our clients. One CMS Analytics analyst can manage ten times the branch/ATM network than a typical, internal employee, providing superior results at lower costs. Furthermore, we take into account armored transport costs, cash and re-banking costs, and your branch locations in order to determine the most cost-effective delivery/replenishment schedule. CMS Analytics partner with your business by taking an active role in the forecasting/ordering process to ensure your branches and business operate at optimal efficiency.

What if it doesn’t 'work'?

We will guarantee a set level of savings and operational KPIs before commencing work with you, and those savings will always be more than our fee. If we don’t hit those KPIs, there is no fee. So there’s no scenario in which you’ll lose out.

We do our forecasting and cash management in-house, why is your solution better?

Our solution provides a much more efficient operation to your current process, for the following reasons:

Transparency – Our service includes comprehensive reporting which monitor a number of metrics. These include global cash in the network, deliveries scheduled, supplier performance to name a few.

Expertise – We are able to apply over 20 years of best practice into your cash management function.

Efficiencies – Our analysts work to a ratio of 1 analyst per 2,500 ATMs.

Administration –  Allowing us to manage your cash means huge reductions in your employee’s administration time.

Incremental sales – If cash availability is an issue in your business, then we will ensure maximum sales through optimum availability.

We use a software that does our cash management for us, isn't that sufficient?

Cash management software might help your staff to forecast cash. However, it still leaves them with the burden of huge administration work of interpreting the data and managing the cash cycle – and doesn’t always provide the desired results; CMS Analytics guarantee results. Our analysts will take this burden of managing the cash cycle away from your staff, enabling them to focus on other core business activities.

How do you take into account local events?

An important element of successfully forecasting demand is event management. We have a dedicated team solely focussed on locating and monitoring local conditions, which include a multitude of different influences as well as the all important events. We recognize that standard software does not have the flexibility to adequately handle events that impact demand and delivery schedules without significant administration. The events management team creates a tailored solution that model and match balances to demand, for each branch and ATM.

Okay, I am interested, what are the next steps?

CMS Analytics offer a free-of-charge, confidential cash management review. We collect easily accessible data on withdrawals, replenishments, balances, and supply chain costs and conduct short interviews with relevant personnel. We then build models for each site in the sample, run simulations on each site over a set period and present back performance against actuals. If you’re still managing your cash in-house, we are 100% confident we can deliver significant cost savings, and we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is. For more information, please contact us.

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