Cash in Canada: Setting the Scene

Published on
February 21, 2020
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On Tuesday, March 31, CMS Analytics is hosting Cash in Canada! Returning to Toronto after its success in 2019, Cash in Canada 2020 will bring together cash professionals to consider the future of cash and explore how banks, ATM deployers and retailers throughout Canada can adapt to the changing role of cash. Cash payments in Canada have declined by 40% in volume over the last five years, while electronic payments accounted for 73% of total payments in 2018 – many consumers are opting for alternative, more convenient methods of payment. On the other hand, cash is the most widely used payment method at the POS. What does this uncertain cash landscape mean for the organizations handling cash in Canada? Cash in Canada 2020 will see cash industry experts offering practical advice and solutions to industry challenges, with a focus on three areas:

  1. Cash Utilities: The Next Big Step for Canada? Learn about cash utility models across the globe and the motivations behind them. Taking into consideration the ease of transition and cash usage trends, is a cash utility the next step for Canada?

  2. Cash Transformation: Branches Stores & Cash Optimization. This will provide an insight into how financial institutions and merchants are transforming cash in their retail network to keep up with payments and industry trends.

  3. Cash Future Outlook: Disruptors by Sector. Discover how fintech is disrupting the cash landscape, and the increasingly prominent role that Retail FX plays within the branch.

Cash in Canada is free to attend for financial institutions, FX operators and retailers. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to register!

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