Cash Transformation 2020: Setting the Scene

Published on
February 20, 2022
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On Thursday, June 4, CMS Analytics will be hosting Cash Transformation at the Hilton Chicago!

Cash Transformation will bring together professionals from financial services, retail and the wider cash industry to discuss how best to tackle the challenges surrounding the changing cash landscape.

Cash is on a global decline as alternative forms of payments continue to accumulate wallet share – in 2019, the US was the leading market for non-cash transactions. Despite this, cash in circulation has grown steadily, and the US economy maintains medium to high cash usage. So, what does this mean for cash in the US? These factors are having a fundamental impact on consumer behavior, and financial institutions and merchants need to modernize cash operations to adapt. Cash Transformation will address this, with a focus on three key areas:

  1. Retail Banking. Branch transformation is sweeping the banking sector – just how is this effecting cash usage and operations for financial institutions’ ATM and branch networks?
  2. Retail & Merchants. We will explore how retailers and merchants are transforming their cash operations and adapting the cash supply chain.
  3. Cash Modernization. Discover real world examples of cash transformation across different sectors and learn from your peers how to modernize and make cash work for your business.

Cash Transformation is a free event for financial institutions and merchants. Don’t miss out on your chance to attend!

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