CMS Analytics joins the Merchant Advisory Group

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July 23, 2019
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CMS Analytics is pleased to announce our membership of the Merchant Advisory Group as of June 2019. With our objective to strengthen payment choice and optimize merchant cash strategies, the MAG is a powerful merchant platform and ideal partner to put merchants first.

CMS Analytics has over 28 years’ experience in 31 countries, delivering a range of cash management and cash ordering solutions and tailored consultancy.

In the last year alone, CMS Analytics has implemented change ordering and cash management solutions for a range of household-name merchants and has assisted top banks in both America and Canada to manage their cash more effectively. Our retail online cash ordering and armored transport solution, CMS:Cash, has helped retailers navigate and streamline the complex and demanding nature of merchant cash operations. The CMS:Cash goal is to bring control and efficiency back to merchants by saving time at head office and on-site while offering tailored cash ordering recommendations to each location. With this, we help clients build a path to achieve operational excellence.

CMS Analytics will be exhibiting at MAG’s annual conference in September to showcase our cash management knowledge, engage with merchants and demonstrate CMS:Cash. Attending the conference will be Lee Williamson, SVP - Commercial Director, and Mike Caris, Business Development Executive. Commenting ahead of the event, Lee said “CMS Analytics is delighted to join the Merchant Advisory Group and attend MAG’s annual conference. The conference is an ideal opportunity for the merchant community to come together and I look forward to showcasing how CMS:Cash has reduced the cost of cash for retailers and therefore helped in our pursuit for payment choice. MAG’s advocacy resonates with CMS Analytics’ mission and we are excited for the opportunities this relationship will bring.”

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