CMS Analytics Partner with Godel to Enhance Solutions to Customers

Published on
November 11, 2022
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Successfully navigating a rapidly changing industry, CMS Analytics was in a strong position to grow their team and looked for a partner that would support their ambitious plans as the world and travel get back to normal post-Covid. As Andrea Brooks, CEO at CMS Analytics explains:

“We have a growing number of requests from clients in the financial sector which require vast amounts of work, meaning we needed to scale fast to deliver expectations. We initially looked to recruit in-house but were unable to do this in the time scale that we had. We decided to explore the option of working with a nearshore partner that could provide the skilled developers we required fast. We knew from working with Godel previously that they were the partner to achieve this goal, and Godel’s model complements our business needs.”

The Godel team will be working with CMS Analytics to create new systems and enhance the features of existing ones.

Andrea continues: “Our clients need us to deliver results quickly, so it is important for Godel to support us from the get-go. As a business, we know what we want to achieve, and partnering with Godel will help us deliver our roadmap quickly in a fast-moving industry. We believe that as we scale, Godel will support other areas of the business to bolster our long-term delivery plans. Our client’s needs are becoming greater, so we need to react to the demand, and our partnership with Godel will provide the growth we need to bring scalable opportunities in the future.”

Paul Green, CCO at Godel said: “We champion partnerships with our clients, and this is proven by CMS Analytics choosing Godel to help them to deliver vital products for their clients in the financial services industry, and I look forward to watching our relationship grow again.”

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