CMS Analytics to Exhibit at ATMIA 2023 in New Orleans

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January 31, 2019
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CMS Analytics will be attending ATMIA 2023! This year’s theme ‘A New Universe of ATM Opportunities’ will focus on the industry’s Next-Gen ATMs initiative and a world of exciting new capabilities in the self-service channel. You can meet Lee Williamson, Managing Director, Calum Robinson, Head of Operations, and Luke Curry, Data Analyst at booth 109.

Lee Williamson is also there to deliver his session: 'The Challenges of ATM & Cash Reconciliation’ on Wednesday February 8th at 4:00 pm. Join Lee as he delves into the nuances of cash reconciliation and showcases our newly developed reconciliation tool, Libra.

Commenting on the upcoming ATMIA event, Lee said: “CMS Analytics is delighted to be back and attending our ninth ATMIA US conference. We always look forward to the conference as it allows us to share our expertise and meet with clients and other financial institutions.

This year we are excited to have been selected to give a speech on how banks and credit unions can transform their ATM and cash reconciliation. We often hear from FIs, that this is the area of ATM and cash operations that can present the most significant operational headache, so we hope our presentation and solution sparks some ideas for easing this.”

How is Our Cash Management and Reconciliation Different?

CMS Analytics is dedicated to working with banks and financial institutions to optimize their cash operations. For our cash management, we combine our extensive cash experience with our unique data science-based dynamic forecasting strategy. We reduce cash supply chain costs, improve cash availability, and release useable cash from balance sheets by building tailored solutions for your business.

Furthermore, banks desperately need an effective and automated cash reconciliation tool. Teams can grow in excess headcount to combat the largely manual nature of cash reconciliation, and general reconciliation software tools applied that aren't fit for purpose. It’s an expensive and complex issue that must be dealt with in an age of rising costs. Libra is precisely this; a purpose-built cash auto-reconciliation solution.

ATMIA 2023 is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the power of our cash management and Libra’s functions, and the harmony both can bring to your cash operations.

Meet the CMS Analytics Team

There will be the opportunity to network during the conference in the exhibition hall, where you can find the CMS Analytics team at booth 109. Our team will be eagerly waiting to answer any questions regarding Libra and discuss how we can work with you to optimize your ATM and cash management strategy. Don’t miss out and book your appointment ahead of time by emailing

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