Credit Unions: Is One Algorithm Dictating Your Cash Management?

Published on
November 12, 2019
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Cash management solutions offered to credit unions often have an outdated and static approach - promising to streamline cash operations through a single algorithm. This is no longer effective. Members are changing their cash habits and the cash supply chain is putting increasing cost pressure on credit unions.

CMS Analytics helps credit unions optimize cash in their ATMs and branches through industry-leading outsourced cash management. Our data-driven solution optimizes the trade-off between cash balances and services, with unique mathematical models for each location. As a result, there is typically 30% less cash in the network and your teams have more time to focus on improving service for your members.

Download our guide, Credit Unions: Optimize your Cash Operations, to learn the complete steps to optimizing cash, and how to achieve best practice for the benefit of your members.

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