Successful Branch Transformation in Four Steps

Published on
August 20, 2019
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The Four Steps to a Successful Branch Transformation

CMS Analytics' latest whitepaper, Branch Transformation: Getting It Right, outlines four key steps to help navigate the challenges of a branch transformation. These revolve around the factors that should alter the structure and dynamics of a branch transformation strategy. Below, we have highlight step one:

Understand Your Customer:

Customer demand is not consistent across a branch network. Cash usage,
commercial presence, demographics and competition are just some of the factors that can influence the denominational mix or cash-in to cash-out ratio at each branch. CMS Analytics knows that a blanket network-wide transformation won’t account for the individual traits at each branch and as a result, customer experience will suffer.

Understand the Final Three Steps

  1. Understand Your Customer
  2. Know Your Supplier
  3. Look to the Future
  4. Benchmark Your Technology

Download CMS Analytics' whitepaper, Branch Transformation: Getting It Right, to learn how our four steps are being used by the United States' most forward-thinking banks to optimize their branch transformation strategies.

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