Using Analytics to Optimize Branch Transformation

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July 30, 2019
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Where is Quantitative Analysis needed in the Process of Branch Transformation?

CMS Analytics works with international banks globally to help them avoid the pitfalls associated with branch transformation and significantly improves the success of their retail transformation strategies. With over 28 years of first-hand experience in the field of cash – with its complex supply chain – and retail banking, CMS Analytics has expertise in ensuring your transformation is operationally efficient and customer value is maximized.

The main goals of Branch Transformation:

The Process and Problem

  1. Recognize the need for a transformation
  2. Rising branch costs can be counteracted by automating what were previously over the counter transactions. This will free up resources, improve customer experience and reduce the cost of cash transactions.
  3. Identify the optimal technology to meet customer demands at each branch
  4. Each branch is subject to different demographics and different levels of competition and this can influence the cash usage and product demand at each branch. As a result, the cash-in to cash-out ratio and denominational preferences of each branch differ across a bank's network.
  5. Harmonize the supplier relationship in line with operational opportunities and challenges
  6. Supplier frequency can directly impact technology uptime; this, in turn, can impact cash availability and the customer experience.
  7. Track the success of the transformation in accordance with KPIs
  8. After the physical transformation has taken place, the bank must track ongoing branch performance to ensure that it can meet the growing demands of its customers.

Complex challenges occur in Stages 2 and 3 of the transformation process which are best navigated through quantitative analytics. Download CMS Analytics' Branch Transformation: Getting it Right whitepaper today to see what analytics we are bringing to our clients to help them optimize branch transformation and cash challenges.

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