ATM Strategy and Outsourcing

CMS assists retailers and financial institutions with their ATM strategy. For those with pre-existing networks, this may mean assessing options to outsource to an independent ATM deployer, turning a cost into an income opportunity. For those without a network currently in place, CMS works with you to establish which of your locations would be economically viable for an ATM, and potential options.

Pre-existing Estates

As the costs of operating an ATM network increases, CMS works with pre-existing network owners to develop strategies and options to maximize revenue. This begins with an intense holistic and site-by-site analysis of the network. Options may include the rationalization of existing networks or outsourcing opportunities.

Greenfield Estates

ATMs have the ability to provide a passive income to a retail or financial institution network. However remote networks such as these are becoming increasingly difficult to operate without the assistance of an independent ATM deployer. CMS provides a tailored investigation into greenfield estates to establish if there is an opportunity based on the geography and demographics of each site. Recommendations are then presented for how to move forward.

Understanding the Industry

CMS does not assess your network in isolation. We provide a complete industry overview to assist with your decision making.