Vault Operators

The CMS inventory management solution for vaults consists of optimizing cash held on site and a flexible ordering process. The results are reduced vault balances, streamlined operations and reduction in manual processes.

Improving Vault KPIs

CMS creates a unique model which is continuously adjusted to optimize vault inventory. We re-forecast every hour due to the intense cash demand of vaults and create mathematically modeled cash orders by till level down to denominations. All of this results in improved KPIs such as reduced average balances and optimized stock days.

Streamlined Operational Process

CMS’ vault solution also ensures your vault network is easier to operate – for both your organization and your suppliers. Our solution is tailored to each client which allows for a streamlined daily process suited to your current requirements and supplier integration.

Management Information

CMS provides intensive management information on a range of frequencies in order to assist with short-term operations and inform longer-term decision making. Through these tailored reports and dashboards, which can be modified as business priorities change, you will have increased visibility across your network.